Welcome To A+ Nails

Information: Here, at A+ Nails, we are not your ordinary beauty salon. We offer several of different services, but our primary focus is on the maintenance and decoration of your nails. Whether you will be attending a wedding, prom, or if you just want to look ''put together'' for work, A+ Nails is here to see to it that you always look your best for any occasion. We are a popular nail salon, offering many different types of services for manicures and pedicures, including acrylic nails, gel manicures, and nails with three-dimensional designs.
We also offer permanent make up services, as well. Are you thoroughly tired of applying your eye liner before work every morning and precisely penciling in your eyebrows? Are you sick of worrying about your eyebrows being smudged or smeared throughout the day and having to reapply? Permanent make up might be what you've been looking for. Allow us to wash away your worries.
Are you tired of shaving your underarms every day? Aren't those razor bumps annoying? We will wax your underarms for you, quickly and virtually painlessly, preventing the hair from growing back for an even longer period then when shaving. When we shave, the hair shafts are merely severed at the surface, whereas waxing pulls each hair from its bulb. The skin must then produce an entirely new hair follicle, which is why the hairs do not grow back as quickly when waxed as they do when they are shaven. Learn More

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